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Puppy Inspired Mindfulness Walk (1)

Bring your dog on this fun introduction to mindfulness

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Time is TBD
Japanese Friendship Garden, Idaho Falls, ID 83402, USA

About the Event

This event has been postponed until concerns about COVID-19 have passed.  

There are many different definitions of mindfulness.  One of the most basic and easy to understand definitions is that mindfulness is being fully present in the moment with acceptance.  When people first try mindfulness practices, many feel overwhelmed by all the thoughts that fill their heads and they feel like they can't do it.  Many do not realize that this is the very nature of the mind, to wonder.  It does not come naturally, but can become less difficult with practice.  One common analogy used to describe mindfulness training is to imagine your thoughts like a puppy that is easily distracted and tends to wonder off.  When we notice that the mind has wondered, we simply bring our attention back to whatever we are trying to direct our focus,  gently and without malice and judgement.  By noticing the mind has wondered and gently pulling it back like you would a puppy, you strengthen the neuropathways that increase your ability to be more present and focused.    

Another way to become more engaged in the present moment is to engage the senses.  Dogs are the masters of this.  It is not hard to see how a present a dog is on a walk.  He or she is smelling, tasting, touching, listening to every stimulus that comes their way.  Dogs can be great mindfulness teachers! I hope you can join us on a commuity walk with your dog so that you can experience first hand what I mean.  

Meet at The Japanese Friendship Garden with your dog.  We will have a short introduction and then will walk along the Snake River Green Belt.   Please be considerate of others and only bring dogs that are friendly with other dogs and people and be prepared to pick up dog waste if needed.  Per park rules and for everyone's safety, dogs are to remain on leash.  

There is no cost for this event but donations are always appreciated.  

Looking forward to seeing you and your furry friend. 

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