• Dr. Karen Bender, ND, RN

Weather the Storm

Sometimes I wonder if it is frustrating be to be a robin in spring As the sky spits out a furious flurry of sudden snow When moments ago, the sun was pouring out its precious honey How difficult it must be to maintain equanimity When these adolescent mood swings are so dramatically unleashed How does she decided between singing unabashedly from the crown of the evergreen tree and meekly seeking shelter deep within the bristles of its branches Does she find herself in moments of sublime peace, as she hops along in search of twine for her nest as long as the sun is generously extending its radiance and is she struck with terror every time she sees an ominous cloud looming But as I watch her as she flies from the promise of one budded tree to another in search of a suitable perch for her nest I am certain she maintains her composure Unflustered by the whimsical oscillations of atmospheric pressure Sure of her purpose She carries on Singing just the same

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